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Innovations in polyurethane wheels you should know about

There are many innovations in polyurethane wheels that have begun to change the role they play in engineered applications.

Polyurethane wheels are some of the most common wheel types found on trolleys and transport carriers in many industries. Combined with an appropriate caster, they can handle light, medium, heavy and extra heavy duty loads. These wheels are where you will find the most innovations. Engineers are always seeking to identify common problems and develop low cost solutions for your use.

Low cost solutions to everyday problems

One of the reasons that most of the innovative research is focusing on polyurethane polymers is it is a very cost effective substance to work with. It can be engineered readily to different specifications, and combines well with other related composite materials to produce finished wheels that meet different industry specifications and needs.

Innovation rules

Innovation rules at CasterConcepts as they serve a wide range of industries and are tasked with coming up with solutions that can increase productivity, reduce risk and maintain economy. One of the best qualities about polyurethane wheels is that they are long lasting, durable and require little maintenance. Wheel exchanges can be done in the field when the caster is designed to accept them and there is little surface damage caused by the use of this type of wheel. They can handle slick surfaces easily, are quieter than rubber wheels and are less prone to degrading when exposed to UV light and many chemicals.

Basic wheel types and applications

Not all polyurethane wheels are the same. There is a wide range of customized products made from polyurethane polymers. The straight PU wheels provide economy and floor savings features. You may want to consider T/R wheels if you are rolling in an environment that is rich in metal debris. There are also high speed polyurethane wheels available too.

Impact of bearing choices

Common bearing choices feature heavily on the side of economy in production. Sealed bearings, roller bearings and precision bearing types are best when there is a stable surface and there are load considerations. If you are going to be running your transport system through wet areas or on varied levels, or use trolleys sporadically so the bearings sit without moving for a long period of time  - then you want to talk to a representative about whether having Oilite or Delrin bearings installed.

Defining your problem

To find the right polyurethane wheels for your applications you have to begin with a site assessment. Look to your production staff for answers about how transport can be improved. They can best tell you if speed, traction, friction or weight is an issue. Then take that information to CasterConcepts to match with the wheel type that has the features to resolve the problem. You may also want to consider changing the casters to a more specialized form to accommodate a PU wheel type that can provide you with the most you can use too.

Identifying the solution

Identifying the solution means narrowing down the specifications you need in a caster and wheel set. It is always better to look at changing the whole set when you are considering changing to specialized polyurethane wheels. This lets you incorporate different breaking, bearing and safety options that can contribute to an increase in productivity on your floor. The solution often involves more pieces than what is first identified as being part of the problem. Polyurethane wheels can help, but they are a part of the caster system that allows your transport systems to work.

Creating a custom product

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, use the CasterConcepts custom design tool online. This can be the fastest way to match the right caster with the right polyurethane wheel to get you the best solution. A CasterConcepts engineer can work with the CAD drawing you upload or take the specifications you input and work with you to create the product you need. Innovation and customization are the watchwords when it comes to selecting the right polyurethane wheels for your application. At CasterConcepts, we specialize in providing engineered solutions for every industry in casters and wheels.

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