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The Quick Scharine replacement wheels guide

Scharine replacement wheels come is a surprising selection of independent and transport-specific designations.

For many, Scharine replacement wheels are the only wheel to consider for their transport units.  The company has an excellent reputation for producing wheels and casters for heavy and industrial use, and they even have a line of maintenance free and pinless wheels that have become increasingly popular. These wheels are typically sold separately from any transport unit.  Scharine also has a line of heavy- industrial materials transporters they make wheels and casters for too.

Available wheel types

Scharine replacement wheels are available in polyurethane and are designed to be maintenance free. Depending on the weight class and hazard resistance you need, the size and thickness of the wheel will vary. Most of these wheels are designed to be pinless as well. They are locked onto the caster and the replacement consists of the wheel and the caster unit. This doesn't mean that there isn't some minimal maintenance involved with these maintenance-free wheels. If you really want to get the full life out of the wheel, knowing the basics of how to extend the life is essential.

The basics of extending caster and wheel life

It is easy to extend the life of your caster and wheel by getting into the practice of inspecting the unit on a weekly and monthly basis. On a weekly basis, all you are looking for is whether or not the caster is securely attached to the transport unit. If the base loosens, it could lead to the caster bending. The sooner you can tighten it back up, the longer it will last. Also, check to see that the caster is free spinning, and the wheel is in good shape on a monthly basis. Replace each at the first sign of a problem.

None of this applies to the Hercu-Hauler wheels

The Hercu-Hauler, and other materials transport units in its class are going to use much different types of Scharine replacement wheels. This class of transport trolley typically has pullout casters with full pin mount wheels. You can get the replacement wheels, but it isn't a bad idea to also have replacement casters on hand, and to perform the same maintenance checks to extend the overall life of the unit.

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