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Key points to the strength of heavy duty casters

Key points to the strength of heavy duty casters
Picking out heavy duty casters shouldn't be done on weight class alone. There are manufacturing standards that should be followed to make sure that the caster can really survive the use and abuse it.

Picking out heavy duty casters shouldn't be done on weight class alone. There are manufacturing standards that should be followed to make sure that the caster can really survive the use and abuse it will receive. Cold formed and stamped casters aren't going to be able to survive the work load you will expect them to handle. Here is a brief overview of what to look for in your heavy duty casters.

Must have manufacturing points

There are four points you can't compromise on if you want to have heavy duty casters that can survive. They are:

1.    Pulse welded yoke base
2.    Hot forged raceway
3.    Threaded kingpin
4.    Hot forged, SAE 1045 steel swivel section

Each of these points work together to create a tensile strength and flexion rating that cannot be matched with a cold forged or stamped process. The CNC cut legs have laser precision alignment too. That is more important than you think. The slightest variance in the alignment of the legs can weaken the whole caster structure over time. When you make sure that all the components of your heavy duty caster are manufactured to the highest standard, you know you have a caster you can rely on.

Heavy duty doesn't have to mean slow

With the latest innovations in caster wheel types from Caster Concepts there is more variety in what you can get from speed, stability and control when it comes to the trolley in movement. Whether you are choosing to put T/R or high speed PE wheels on your heavy duty casters you know that the caster body is designed to roll. With the threaded kingpin that features in all the heavy duty types from Caster Concepts you can use high speed wheels without worry. These casters are designed to be in motion while under load stress.

That combines for safer usage too

When you build a caster that is designed to handle weight and motion you will also experience a reduction in stress related injuries. The better the wheel the easier it is to control the motion of the trolley, even under heavy load. When you know that you can count on the load bearing capacity of the caster, you don't have to worry about failures that can lead to injury or loss of product.

Choose the brakes and options that make sense

From toe guards to 360 brake cages you can fit most all of the options onto any of the heavy duty casters. Design the caster you need by building from your production and safety assessments. Match the design to an existing standard heavy duty caster, or you can choose to upload a CAD drawing or design a custom caster in the online app provided by Caster Concepts. Whatever it takes to get you the caster you need, Caster Concepts has the manufacturing expertise and capability to make sure that it can withstand the abuse you will put it through.

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