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Are polyurethane wheels right for you?

Polyurethane wheels are the base standard for trolleys, but they are experiencing resurgence in popularity – for good reason.

Polyurethane wheels are the base standard for trolleys, but they are experiencing resurgence in popularity – for good reason. There are now more options available in PE wheels including:

•    T/R
•    Standard
•    Elastomer
•    High Speed

Each of these represents the latest in innovations for transport using casters. Polyurethane remains the best choice for many companies who need power delivery, but don't have specialty environments. A solid PE wheel can get your load where it needs to be quickly and safely.

What are the advantages of polyurethane wheels?

There are several basic advantages to having these types of wheels on your casters. They are:

•    Cost effective
•    Industry specific
•    Reduced noise and shock
•    Increased resistance to chemicals and metal debris

The last in the list is why so many businesses choose these wheels. The solid polyurethane wheels are not only puncture resistance, but they resist most chemicals too and can ride over metal debris easily. The unique design of these wheels can cast debris from under the wheel, effectively clearing the path as you go. If you are looking to improve your transport time, this is the way to begin.

The variety of bearing and caster types that can be used with them

One of the other advantages of using polyurethane wheels is that they can fit most bearing styles and casters types. You can have PE wheels on your twin wheel casters and shock enhanced caster styles too. They are considered to be the workhorse of the industry and can travel from different surface environments easily. Polyurethane wheels can also work with the full range of brake and lock types too.

What weight ranges do they come in?

This is another of the advantages found with this wheel type, they can be used in any weight range. Their solid body makes supporting heavy loads as easy as supporting light ones. With adequate braking and other specific accessories, you can have a cost effect means to transport multiple weights easily. These wheels are also low maintenance compared to pneumatic tires.

One thing that many people forget about PE wheels

Caster Concepts can remold a PE wheel to your existing caster. This can be a better way to repair and upgrade your casters without the cost of replacing the entire caster set. The process can be done quickly so you won't have much down time. To find out more about this process, talk to a Caster Concepts expert today.

Finding the right one for you

To select the right type of polyurethane wheel for your transport needs visit Caster Concepts and look at the specifications for each of the wheel types. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can also custom design a caster and have the PE wheel type of your choice custom molded to it. Whatever you need in PE wheels, Caster Concepts can provide you with the best in the industry. For low maintenance, high performance caster wheels – choose polyurethane wheels.

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