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Selecting industrial cart wheels that improve overall production

Industrial cart wheels deserve your attention.

Industrial cart wheels deserve your attention. They are often overlooked when it comes to selecting the cart itself, but making key changes to the caster and wheel types on these carts can bring you the following benefits. It can:

  • Increase speed of delivery
  • Boost load support and stability
  • Reduce injury

We will look at each of these benefits individually so you can understand how the right industrial cart wheels can deliver on each of their promises.

 Increase speed of delivery

There are many different factors that influence the speed at which your industrial cart wheels can move.  What many people don't realize is that the type of wheel you choose is also an influencing factor. Buyers tend to look more for a wheel type for their surface rather than consider how a wheel type can influence the effect of the surface on a wheel. A good example of this is to look at the v-groove industrial cart wheels. These all metal, grooved wheels tend to be reserved for track delivery systems, but they can also increase the speed of your carts over debris covered flat surfaces. The split nature of the face of the wheel pushes the debris out from under the tire. This reduces friction and increases speed.

 Boost load support and stability

Industrial cart wheels can provide an important component to boosting load support and stability. The quality of the caster and the wheel type combine with the structure of the trolley to form a unit that is capable of supporting and protecting loads, while remaining light enough for them to be transported. One key point to consider is that when choosing a wheel type for stability you need to look at the multi-directional forces applied. We tend to think of pneumatic tires as the best shock absorbers, but new styles such as the CasterShox and shock absorbers built directly into industrial cart wheels are changing the options for protection. Review the downward force, surface force and friction resistance to decide which style will best protect your load.

 Reduce Injury

The newer industrial cart wheels are also designed with safety in mind. From an increased use of CNC laser cutting for legs to insure reliability and durability to the choices of wheel types for speed and braking capability – your choice of industrial cart wheels can be an important part of your safety program. There are many new innovations in wheel types and caster assemblage that can reduce strain industries and cut failure rates significantly. This should be one of your primary requirements when shopping for cart wheels, look for the one that protects your employees best – as well as the load.

 Design your own or pick a standard

At Caster Concepts you can select from any one of their standard industrial cart wheels, or you can design a custom set. Upload a CAD file or use their proprietary design app to create exactly what you need. Whichever you choose to do, the end result will boost your production while increasing your safety ratings too.

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