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There is more to v-groove casters than just holding a track

Everyone knows that v-groove casters can hold a track, but there are additional reasons to consider using them on the flat also.

There are more to v-groove casters than meets the eye. While they seem intended for a highly specific industrial use, there are more reasons you should consider them, even if you aren't working in a track environment. The metal wheels and solid caster design make them capable of supporting and stabilizing heavy loads, without generating a lot of weight themselves. Here is a look at the other properties and considerations associated with this type of caster.

Where are v-groove casters commonly used?

V-groove casters were invented to help move transport units on iron or steel raised tracks. They are modeled after the traditional rail car wheel, but they are not as large or as dedicated. The wheels are mostly metal, although some will have an inset rubber or polyurethane tube. This allows for the unit to be used off the track as well without compromising the integrity of the metal wheel, or marking up the floors.

The self-cleaning properties work on the flat too

That groove does more than just hold a track, it also allows for the wheels to become self-cleaning. One of the main hazards of using single wheel casters is that the width of the wheel face can pick up material that can then interfere with the mobility of the trolley. Whether this means you are losing traction, or that your caster brakes aren't working correctly because they are gummed up – it isn't anything you want to encounter on the floor. With the v-groove, the surface area of the wheel is reduced so there is less for material to grab on to. This makes for better traction, cleaner wheels, and cleaner casters.

There's another benefit of using v-groove casters on the flat too

Here is something that you may not have thought of before. The design of the v-groove separates the single wheel of the caster into two wheels. This can bring to you all the advantages of the two wheeled caster without having to change over everything on your trolley. Besides being self-cleaning, the v-groove style can also improve handling in wet hazards. This can be very important if what you are transporting is fragile. The flexibility of being able to travel between the flat and a grooved rail can also be a cost saving investment if you find you need the trolley in both places.
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