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Why medium duty casters can be so specific

Why medium duty casters can be so specific
Think that any weight of caster can do the job for you? Think again, medium duty casters are designed to deliver speed and control for a specific load range that others can't.

When you begin to look for specific caster types it can be hard to see the merit in staying with a medium duty when you may be close to the high range of a light duty and a heavy duty could cover everything. Casters are developed with specific goals in mind to assist you in gaining speed and stability in your production transportation, and to reduce injuries to operators. Medium casters are no different. They aren't a mid-range caster so much as they are a highly specific caster design that can give you the advantage.

Why medium duty?

Medium duty casters are rated for loads between 250 and 900 pounds. That crosses both the light and heavy duty range, but using a medium duty caster is the best idea if your transport loads are within this restriction. The bearings, axles and brakes are all designed to transport and stop this load range with the minimum of effort. Using a heavy duty caster can support the weight, but you risk strain injuries as they will be harder to push. For light duty wheels, even hitting 250 runs the risk of failure of the caster or any of its associated parts. Medium range was created to fill a specific need in transportation.

What types of wheels work in this range?

You can use just about any type of wheel with medium duty casters. This includes pneumatic, v-groove and solid rubber wheels. This capability makes the caster type usable in a variety of industries. Whether you need a chemical resistant wheel with good cushioning for clean work, or a wheel that can travel over machine debris but isn't loaded with large components, medium duty casters can take the right wheel for the job. They can even be used with track systems with v-groove wheel types. Twin wheels are also an option.

What are the options with casters?

While twin wheels are also an option with medium duty casters there are more options to look at too. You can put a range of brake styles on medium casters, and locks as well. For some applications, having a 360 brake cage on the caster can deliver the maximum control needed. For others, you may prefer toe brakes with toe guards. The size and type of the casters, even with twin wheels or v-groove, are compatible with all braking styles.

Other issues to consider

There are specialty medium duty casters available too. In certain industries having a higher shock absorption rating, or high speed polyurethane tires on, your casters will deliver advantages that will help your whole line process. Medium duty CasterShoX can keep deliver components safe while still insuring speed in delivery. There are many different options for bearings and wheel types that can be combined to create exactly the medium caster set you need. Whether you choose a style that is assembled in the field, or delivered needing attachment only, you will be up and running quickly.

Designing custom casters is now an affordable reality

One last thing to consider is that you can also design custom medium duty casters online with the design app at Caster Concepts. Use the app, or upload your own CAD drawing to get the process started. If what is available in the catalog is close, but not quite right – custom manufacturing is an affordable option to make sure you get the advantages that a medium duty caster can deliver.

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